Viva Forever

This team has been based on friendship. When I formed the team two years ago I thought about the women I most respected and most loved. Luckily, they wanted to join me and ride for a cafe that was just beginning to make its mark.


Some members of the team have popped up and have become instantly cherished. The road hasn’t always been smooth, but we have been there for each other.



Positivity and self belief are things that the greatest human beings have to teach us. And on my team are some great human beings.


On my team skill, fitness and ability became secondary to emotional support, understanding, kindness and love.

ImageOurs has not been a lonely journey and together we’ve borne the good and the not so good.


The achievements of these women have made me immensely proud. I have adored this team and been inspired by it.


When I’ve had to dig deep for shreds of courage, they have been there.


Because of them I have never had to ride alone.


I know things have to change and that we all have to grow. 


“The wind scatters one year’s leaves on the ground, but the forest burgeons and puts out others, as the season of spring comes round.  So it is with men: one generation grows on, and another is passing away” –  Iliad VI .146

This is my thank you. Viva forever!




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