From Cupcakes to Catford – don’t miss it!

I’m not normally a big fan of pink.  But this year I have found a good enough reason to sport a bit of pink myself since it is the official colour of all things breast cancer.  Some of you may know that our founding member Charlotte Easton has been fighting breast cancer detected right at the tail end of 2011.  2012 has been an Olympic year for Charlie for many reasons – for the chemo, the surgery, and now for the radiotherapy.  These obstacles on the steeple chase of treatments that must be overcome have been systematically and courageously ticked off by Charlie in her characteristic no nonsense style.  The way she has tackled the diagnosis and treatment has inspired all of us to put the small stuff in perspective and enjoy ourselves every chance we get.

Since her diagnosis, as a team we have been itching to do something in support.  To make a start some of us have been wearing small pink badges on our jerseys, or wrist bands given to us by Elise from the breast cancer support centres.  Since my ankles are suitably skinny I have been wearing mine around my leg or on my forearm (where it won’t fall down!) as a constant reminder of how lucky I am to be well and enjoying riding my bike.  Every time I look at this I think ‘If you think you are suffering, imagine the shit Charlie is going through’.  Or if I am a bit nervous or unsure of myself I think ‘You are lucky to be doing this.  You do it because you enjoy it’.  As I tuck it under my sock and get started for a time trial I think ‘Push with that leg a bit harder for Charlie.  She would like to be doing this and she would kick your arse’.

As well as this small token gesture we have been collectively brainstorming bigger projects to raise money for a breast cancer charity too.  We have finally come up with a suitably ridiculous idea that can involve everyone and sets the right tone to celebrate how far Charlie has come with her treatment and show our continued support on the road to full recovery.  We want as many of you as possible to join us in this fun day out so here is how you can get involved:

Ride the twin peaks of the Catford and Bec Hill Climb and wear something pink

On October 14th the classic Autumn Hill Climb Time Trials that are run on Yorks and Old Titsey Hill in Kent are running as usual.  We would like some of you to enter these time trials and suffer in this small way to show your support.  From the team we have me (Jo), Lydia, Louise and Elise (and Erin) riding.  I have ordered some very special pink accessories which frankly have led me to some websites I would rather have not visited, but there you go.  Ladies of London, a lot of you wear pink anyway so you have no excuse but to turn up.  We would love some of you to enter too.  Entries via the CTT website or by way of the handbook.

Ride out from Look Mum No Hands! to watch a handful of crazy women in pink suffer up hill

If the hill climbs are not for you then you can always meet for an early breakfast at the café in town and ride out (hopefully with Charlotte) to show your support from the roadside.  There will be breakfast from the café at 7am for a 7.45am departure.  The Catford hill climb up Yorks hill starts at 10.00am, the Bec up white hill (old Titsey) is at 2.00pm.  If you can’t meet us in town, meet us there and give those of us riding the climbs an extra loud shout.

Or if you want you can make a donation to Breast Cancer Care at

Not much is happening in October is it?  Come on…..put it in your diary!

We’ve set up a Facebook page for the event…


One thought on “From Cupcakes to Catford – don’t miss it!

  1. A superb idea and for an excellent cause I would have loved to do the ride but injury prevents me so I will support the cause with a donation and on Sunday I will be in touch with my feminine side by wearing something pink Good luck to all and especially Charlotte

    James Neville

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