Ring of Kerry Cycle

Elise came to Kerry. She was in the country for less than 48 hours. We (Louise & Pan) made her pedal for 10 hours of that … yes, and this is our idea of fun. Saturday was the Ring of Kerry cycle, a 180km sportif around the most famous tourist route in Ireland with 9000 participants. Sunday was a mere 95km, taking in the route of one of the stages of Ras na mBan … with three category one K.O.H.s … it was at the brave Panster’s insistence that we got up to do this on Sunday morning! Much fun 🙂 !!


6:30am preparations


Note the focus on Pan’s face … oh yeah, 180km here we come!


With Ger Madden, LMNH Ras na mBan Directeur Sportif … always good to bring the D.S. along, particularly fortuitous when one suffers a mechanical … (caused, might I add, by Elise goading me into sprinting against her during hour three of Sunday’s four hour spin!!)



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