Helen: a mini view

Always happy racing my bike

Happy racing my bike (Photo: Dave Hayward)

Name: Helen (Pan calls me Houdini).

Date of Birth: 10 Feb seventeen-hundred and something – it was hard to tell the candle had mostly melted by this time.

Occupation: Charity Comms.

Preferred cycling discipline: Everything I have tried (except track).

Proudest cycling moment of 2011: Miscalculated lead out for Anna in Jersey/miscalculated break-aways in Essex/Ireland.

Three goals for 2012:

  • Learn to ride no handed.
  • Ride so hard my eyes bounce in their sockets and water (again. Man I love that!).
  • Pull a move that seals a win for our team. TBD.

Favourite Muppet: Rowlf the Dog – laid back, assured, talented – what a guy! (My boyfriend is like Rowlf. I have such good taste….yet odd ways of complimenting a fella.)Rowlf my favourite muppet.

Favourite turbo track: Currently torn between Prodigy’s Omen and Freemasons remix of Beyonce’s Ring the Alarm.

If I was a Greek god I would be: riding a winged horse which in my head is what I am doing most of the time anyway.

Cipollini or Cav? Who? I watch women’s racing. Vos is the most talented rider in the world! (Altho Pooley is my fav.)

(Doesn’t Cipollini mean little onions? Draw your own conclusions.)


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