Louise: a mini-view

Name: Louise Moriarty

Date of Birth: 17 January 1978

Occupation: Architect (almost!)

Preferred cycling discipline: Peloton-smashed-to-bits-riders-all-over-the-road/track races

Proudest cycling moment of 2011:

Silver medal at Irish National RR Champs off less than ideal run-up, but with Pan’s words in my ears: “I will ride and race today, tomorrow, this summer not for pride or results or identity but to learn how to suffer harder and more gracefully.” I went pretty deep … not sure it was graceful!

Three goals for 2012:

  • Smiling
  • Pedalling
  • Fighting (metaphorical! “Don’t be a winner, be a fighter. Anyone can stop you from winning, but only you can stop yourself from fighting.”)

Favourite Muppet: Red Fraggle

Favourite turbo track: Too lazy to sort out my iPod / hardcore: No music, just pain. Hahahaha

Cipollini or Cav? Neither – I like the relentless ones, like Laurent Jalabert and Jens Voigt, and the ones who can win sprints but are so gutsy they’ll also go it alone, like Tom Bonnen and Thor Hushvod.

Louise has a wikipedia page which we are very impressed by. You can read it here.

You can read her rider biography here.


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