Jo: a mini-view

Name:  Jo McRae

Date of Birth: 07/07/77

Occupation:  Exercise Specialist

Preferred cycling discipline:  Any suitable for Attention Deficit Disorder

Proudest cycling moment of 2011:  Top 20 in the Ras with 2nd in the sprint on the first stage.  I would say neither endurance nor sprint finishes are my strengths.

Three goals for 2012:

  • Build my fitness through racing (pelvic fracture and disrupted winter mean I’m not sure of my fitness)
  • Develop patience in races and use efforts wisely
  • Enjoy being part of the team (again!)

Favourite turbo track: Ministry of sound ultimate workout mix is favourite at the moment

Favourite Cartoon Character:  Snoopy.  I had a Snoopy as a child who was my closest friend.  Loss of Snoopy at any time was extremely distressing.  I could probably still draw you a Snoopy and Woodstock in an instant…

Cipollini or Cav? Cav for his sprinting, Cipollini for his personality and ridiculous skinsuits

You can read Jo’s rider biography here.

Jo has a website which you can visit here.

Jo is also on Twitter and you can follow her here.


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