Lydia: a mini-view

Hard to believe but Lydia is still pretty new to all this racing hoo-ha. In her third season she seems ready to take on the world.

Here is Lydia’s mini-interview:

Name: Lydia Boylan

Date of Birth: 19 July 1987

Occupation: Structural Engineer

Preferred cycling discipline: Track

Proudest cycling moment of 2011: Easy…the moment I crossed the line to win the National Championship 🙂

Three goals for 2012:

• National Road Race
• Climb Alpe d’Huez in less than 60min (very ambitious)
• Race more cleverly!

Favourite turbo track: It’s an Omen by The Prodigy

If I was a Greek god I would be: Pegasus

Cipollini or Cav? Cipollini for sure…cycling is all about Italian style!

You can read Lydia’s rider biography here.

Lydia is also on twitter and you can follow her here.


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