Elise: a mini-view

Elise is the only real mum in Team Mum. She gave birth to Erin in November last year and returned to racing at the team cross champs only a few months later in February. She is a legend and we love her.

Here is Elise’s mini-interview:

Name: Elise Sherwell

Date of Birth: 27 July 1975

Occupation: Mum to awesome Erin, wife to awesome David and part time solicitor.

Preferred cycling discipline: One I can go quickly in. Anything Jo McRae tells me I am capable of: Cross in the snow, track in the sunshine, circuit in the mud and rain.

Proudest cycling moment of 2011: Riding on the rollers at 42 weeks pregnant the day before being induced, oh and riding down onto the pier at Blackfriars to catch the commute boat home  with 30 seconds to spare whilst heavily pregnant! Mainly spent last year on the side lines – so I’m a bit baby orientated!

Goals for 2012:

To have fun!

And win some races…


If I was a Greek god I would be: Athena

Cipollini or Cav? Cav

You can read Elise’s rider biography here.

Elise is on twitter but she needs practice.  You can find her here.


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