Bordeaux-Paris…The Rematch!

By Lydia

Jo and I made the trip up to Reading’s Palmer Park for this year’s Bordeaux-Paris Track Meet. The main event is in two stages; Stage 1, an 10km scratch race where the first eight qualify for Stage 2, a 15km derny race.

I did this event last year and really enjoyed it, but finished last! This year, with much better legs, I was out to prove I could do better!

Stage 1 was a bit of a formality with only 10 entered. There was a few short blasts of pace but it was all down to a final sprint. Jo and I were safely through to Stage 2.

I completely underestimated the amount of time I* would have to change the gear on my track bike and get ready for the derny race. (*should read Toby) Thankfully the organisers at Reading are super nice and they waited for me to get my bike sorted. It wasn’t until after the derny race that Toby pointed out I had only about 60 psi in my rear tyre and a loose chain…opps!!!

(C) Guy Swarbrick/ All rights reserved.

(C) Guy Swarbrick/ All rights reserved.

I asked Doug, my derny driver at the same event last year, if he was up for the rematch. He was completely awesome with me last year, as a complete newbie he quickly talked me through all the ins and outs of derny racing and really put me at ease. This year though….I had my game face on!! We quickly pushed to the head of the race where we just sat at a good pace. This meant that I could react to anything anyone may do behind and they would have to put in a good effort to get over me. This tactic worked! Sarah Brook of Mule Bar Girls tried a few times to push over me but each time Doug would twist the screw and put just enough speed in to make it really difficult for Sarah to get over. The last few laps were really hard, but eventually I got a little gap on Sarah on the final laps.

I was so pleased to win this race especially after coming last in it last year! And it was so fantastic to be able to do it with Doug!

Unfortunately due to solely focusing on not hitting the back of the derny (although you could probably park a bus in the gap I leave behind the bike!) I have no idea how the race panned out for Jo…hopefully she can add to this with her view of the race.

(C) Guy Swarbrick/ All rights reserved.

Huge thank you to Doug for being a smart and patient derny driver, to Toby for driving and sorting out my bike, to Jo for being awesome company and competition on the track and to the organisers, volunteers etc that made for such a great meet.


1. Lydia BOYLAN Look Mum No Hands
2. Sarah BROOK Mule Bar Girl
3. Matthew LANSLEY Palmer Park Velo
4. Joanne McRae Look Mum No Hands
5. Tom SEFTON Palmer Park Velo
6. Daniel LANSLEY Palmer Park Velo
7. Cheryl OWENS GS Metro
DNF Hannah MANLEY For Viored

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4 thoughts on “Bordeaux-Paris…The Rematch!

  1. Well done Lydia and Jo, yes they did wear long sleeves, bottoms and gloves in the race, it was that cold ! Great to see the old battered war horse still dishing it, Jo’s track frame that is, probably older but with more chrome and less titanium than Jo.

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