Alice: a mini-view

The riders from Look Mum No Hands RT have been competing on the London scene for well over a season.  Alice is our newest member.

We asked her some silly questions:

Name:    Alice
Date of Birth:    01.12.89
Occupation: About to graduate/looking for a job.
Preferred cycling discipline: Fast!
Proudest cycling moment of 2011: Doing my first race (thank you Charlie)
Three goals for 2012:

  •  move to London
  • not get dropped at Hog Hill
  • get tan lines

Favourite Muppet:     Miss Piggy. I never watched the Muppets, but I had a pink pig who was called Miss Piggy.
If I was a Greek god I would be: Artemis – I always wanted a bow and arrow
Cipollini or Cav? Cipollini


You can read Alice’s rider biography here.

Alice has a blog which you can read by clicking here.

Alice is also on twitter!



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