Team Mum Clean Sweep: Part Deux

Elsewhere, in the gently undulating landscape of the Rodings, two other LMNH-ites (Anna and Helen) tested their fitness in Elite CC‘s 10 mile TT (a SPOCO SE course).

We have no photos and a minute-by-minute narrative of the ride would be horrific so straight onto the highlights: having a nice natter to the other lady competitors, meeting a sausage dog called Big Mac, eating a blueberry muffin each that was the size of our faces, getting a free cuppa tea, setting new PBs and getting a LMNH 1-2 in the women’s 10 mile TT.

Sausage dog

We met Big Mac and owner Lea.

I (Helen) was so overwhelmed by getting a late entry to the 10 that I had enthusiastically/foolishly entered my first solo 25-mile TT the next day. The wind was up so the last 5 miles or so back home were soul-searching but I was spurred on by the thought of more head-seized muffins and free tea. Quite honestly, I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to do a 25 by myself, so I am really pleased that I finished.

I was even more pleased, but also very surprised, that I was the fastest woman. Chuffed! I’m not convinced that they will help, but maybe it is about time I tried this pointy hat, aero-bars milarky.

Pointy TT hat Image

Thanks to Elite CC for a smoothly run TT and massive cakes. Well done to everyone who competed at the weekend.


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