Team Mum Clean Sweep

After watching the GB girls kick butt at the track Worlds, Team Mum thought they’d give it a go too! 😉

Last Saturday was the first Open Meet at Herne Hill of the season. Aptly named ‘Back in Black’ it was the first record setting meet on the new surface. And with a team pursuit and team sprint on the programme Team Mum knew they had to get their act together and give it a go!

For the first time there was also a women’s points race and devil too!

First up was the points! This is where Team Mum domination began! Lydia won a few sprints but it was the consistency of Elise, a first timer on the track, that would pay off giving her the win with Lydia in second.

Next up, the pursuit! Having never done a team pursuit before our tactics were simple…don’t drop each other! We kept it steady (but fast) and most importantly we kept it together. A tactic that paid off as our only competition the Mule Bar Girls seemed to struggle to do this. Another win in the bag for Team Mum!

And then the Devil. Nicely warmed up for this all of Team Mum (Elise, Jo and Lydia) were well up for the win. With seven girls starting the race and one out each lap there was some feisty sprinting to stay in but soon it down to three…and they were all Team Mum!! Jo was out sprinted by Lydia and Elise and then it was down to the final sprint. Lydia just pipped Elise on the line (payback for the points race!!) 😉

Next of the timed events was the team sprint with Jo leading out Lydia. Again our tactics were simple, but the opposite of before. Jo’s aim; to drop Lydia! It was a close finish between the Mule Bar Girls and us but it was another victory for Team Mum!

And last, and probably least as we were all pretty tired by now, was the 1 lap (450m) TT. Lydia won this. A clean sweep for Look Mum No Hands!! (We all had a good giggle later as Lydia’s one lap on her own was faster than with Jo in the team sprint! Jo is currently somewhere in Bromley working on her standing start!!)

Even more awesome than a clean sweep for ‘Mum’ was that we had amazing support from Charlie and Sam throughout the whole event. Thank you guys!

Many thanks to VCL for a great day’s racing….and for the record holder badges!

Here are some great photos from Charlie.

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