Sporting courses

My name is Anna and I like hilly time trials. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a help group out there for me, so for the mean time I just have to keep riding them.

Hillies are always part of my early season routine. This year I have decided to formalise this affinity by registering for SPOCO SE 

Yesterday this led me to have a go at the Maldon Hilly 18m (yes; 18). Its a quirky one, in the best possible way. Two laps of a 9.2m circuit that takes in North Hill in Little Baddow (until very recently a key feature of the Lea Valley road race), with some pleasing S bends and a very welcome fast section after the hill.


Having done a lap in the car (with the injured Dave, who was keen to point out such landmarks as “where Jason White was lying when I came around the corner”), I thought my suffering was going to be great. But no, it was a good day. I could see from the first lap, when there were lots of riders ahead of me on the course, that North Hill was in fact my friend. I was pleased with my time (52:20), and pleased with my 19th place overall, which is a good start to the SPOCO campaign.

The event was won by Maldon’s Scott (man-on-fire) Cousins in 44 something – only 4 minutes slower than Sky’s Alex Dowsett the previous year.


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