Bikes, babies and support

Despite starting out in 2010 as a keen member of the LMNH’s RT I haven’t been the most active racer. What have I been doing with my time you may wonder? I have been busy producing beautiful baby Erin. (I would say she is beautiful, ’cause I am her mum)

Yes, I am wearing my pj's but I have just had a baby!

I have been asked several times if child birth is worse than racing an Olympic Final. I can honestly say it is one of the hardest things I have endured. When you finish a hard race you might be awarded a medal and if you are really lucky the national anthem is played. This time we were awarded with a lovely daughter and I have promised daddy that I will not hide her in my sock drawer.

Anyway, what next? Apparently once you have had a baby you should rest up, sleep when the baby sleeps and generally take it easy. Ha ha ha! Where is the fun in that?

So I have taken a slightly different approach to motherhood and decided the route to sanity and the return of the pelvic floor is to get out for some fresh air.

Cross racing when Erin was only 9 weeks old was perhaps a little ambitions, and despite the Dulwich rider who pushed me off and rode over my leg (resulting in one cracked helmet, bruised face, stitches in the leg and not even an “ops sorry”) it was a lot of fun. And it was awesome to be back with the girls racing.

We are also introducing Erin to some weekly skiffing sessions…

And I took her to the gym so we could do our hamstring stretches together…however, we all know who is the boss.

So I am on my mission to be back supporting the girls this summer – something that would not be possible without the help of my fabulous husband, David, who doesn’t mind a broken rider returning home covered in mud from a hard race, or exhausted from a hilly ride. We all know that sometimes we get tired and need a little rest…

But dreaming of monkey’s is a good thing. Right?


5 thoughts on “Bikes, babies and support

  1. I’d just like to say I was that Dulwich rider and I did turn and apologise to you, I’m sorry again if you didn’t hear me.

    I was along side you into the bomb hole (our handlebars brushed briefly before we dropped into it so to say I ran into you was a bit harsh) and there was easily enough room for both of us through it and as I was ahead of you as we came out of it I’m sure it couldn’t have been me that rode over your leg. I held a straight line and I was followed by a team mate who also said there was no problem with my line as far as he could see.

    I did try and catch up with you afterwards but I had to be away quickly to pick up my kids. I want to take this opportunity to apologise again and I’m sorry there was damage to you and your equipment.

  2. David, thank you for your message. I didn’t hear you at the time (possibly as I was face down in the mud) and perhaps it was your colleague who rode over my keg ;-). No lasting damage done and perhaps not the best point to overtake given another opportunity. I am not someone to hold a grudge and thoroughly enjoyed the race. Next time – once I am fit – I won’t allow you to overtake! Best wishes and happy racing. Elise

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