Wot No Frites?!

by Jo

I am aware that things have been a bit quiet on the blog front, largely due to an injurous absence from the cyclo-cross scene.  But while Nik has been keeping our domestic end up (nice one Nik), at the end of November myself, Anna and partners/family headed over to Koksijda to watch some international cross, and more importantly get some serious spectating done.  Having got the sand fest under our belts we then headed to Ghent to watch the last night of the 6 day track spectacular, and consume a few beverages.  If you have never done this classic winter combo then I highly recommend it.    They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so I will largely let them speak for themselves here.  I think you will get the general feel…

Mr McRae – Excitement builds in the service station at ‘le pipe’

Anna: “A car…in a train…under the sea….” It was early. It was the weekend. This was a lot of ‘new experience’ to take in. Perhaps Mr. McRae is furthering Anna’s understanding of the engineering phenomenon, though I suspect she is still caught in the thought bubble.

PHASE 1 OF MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  Koksijda.  We caught the second half of the women’s race.  Wandering past the finishing straight there were huge gaps between the riders, and everyone seemed a bit knackered.  It turns out this was the only patch of concrete on the whole course which was at least 50% sand.  ‘Let’s find a hard bit’, we said.  That wasn’t too difficult.

Helen - This bike might fit you?!

Anything could happen....

Like most spectators, we headed for the spot where riders were most likely to fall off.

World Cup Clothing..

World Class Commitment...

World Class Competitors...

Thats alot of excting sh*t!

Mr. McRae, expedition leader on our slight miscalculation returning from the course to the car park, honed his boy scout instincts to locate the right vehicle amongst a host of imposters.


The Cause....(strong Belgian beer)

The Consequences...(questionable food choices)

The only disappointment of the weekend was the lack of frites.  We came to Belguim certain we would find some, but alas, dodgy hot dogs were all that was on offer.

Jo:  What’s it like?

Anna:  Not bad. (!!??)

Fortunately if you had partaken of the beer, it didn’t seem to matter much.

Cool track stuff...

Double Dutch

This friendly dutch spectator in front of us demonstrated how to drink more than one beer at a time.  With drinks served in ridiculously small cups, there was only one solution. Tip the top one off the nose into the bottom one and then into the main goal – the mouth.  I say main goal, because it was not essential that all of the beverage made it.  Some of it was usefully deployed on the angry Belgian in front who went and got a steward to put the Dutchman in detention as a consequence.  Well done Sir, for your added entertainment value.


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