where was my tequilla?

By Nik

greatly disappointed by the rapha superx having a tequilla shortcut in only the novice race i settled down to heckle those who did  not take advantage of it with a couple of bottles of tasty lmnh ale instead!

really though it was an awesome event. the bearded man took me to his friend paul’s house a couple of weekends prior to the race where i was greatly entertained by some videos of belgian cross racing. little did i know that hundreds of people come down to watch a bunch of eejits fall of their bikes in the fridgid depths of winter. then i thought about bike polo….we play a league through the winter and it is not that uncommon to see people shovelling snow off the court for three ten minute games. then there are the spectators, who will stand on the sidelines and heckle (i want more heckling in cross…) clutching a beer in their bemittened hands, essentially watching people fall off too. there are it seems, similarities between my two favourite-things-you-can-do-on-a-bike.

today in polo i got shot at by a nice french man with a killer whack. unfortunately my arm got in the way of the ball and i felt a sudden swelling of ouch upon it. fortunately i then after got a puncture and the bike mechanic in me decided the best way to solve this problem was to go to my workshop around the corner to change bikes for a non-punctured one and cycle home one handed. no doubt i will have an epic bruise to show off in leicester this weekend. but i can still ride, unlike several of my fellow team mates and more than a few of my polo friends. dangerous things bikes.

maybe it was a good thing there was no tequilla.

The Photos were taken by Greg Falski. He is good at making me look like I was going much faster that I was.


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