Look Mum Brands the Rás

On Saturday, when the official stages were done for the day in Sneem, a far more important event took place … the Look Mum No Hands! D.S. Race. All the directeur sportifs had to negotiate with a Sneem child to borrow their bike (one kid came running up “I got a tenner for mine!!” good effort!). This event was highly amusing for spectators …

Unlike the majority of Irish managers (tut, tut), Dutch team manager Herman abides by the rules - "all riders must remain seated" see also http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=3NRQayDvN5E

There was some ambiguity as to who won, but all of the children (and many of our competitors’ bikes) were successfully Look Mum No Handed Branded …

LMNH mechanic Tim O'Regan with Rás riders and Sneem Cycling children, sporting LMNH caps

This was particularly sweet when the children turned up on Sunday morning, all sporting LMNH caps under their helmets! They rode behind the peloton in the neutralised section and declared that it was “too slow” – being used to far greater speeds themselves. They nonetheless showed great restraint in not overtaking (and embarrassing) the Rás riders.

Here's to the future!


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