cross is crazy!

The season hath begun! And LookMum is very excited!!


My first race of the season was held by the lovely folks at Fowlmead Country Park near Deal. It was a wicked course with some sweet banks, tree bits (some of the trees closer than others) steps and lots of mud, although with my inexperienced ‘cross eye’ i fear this is only the beginning of mud related cycle comments!

It was a friendly and exciting race but unfortunately preceeded as i discovered on waking at 2.30am in the morning (for no apparent reason..maybe jet lag cos i just got back from a month in Canada where i went canoeing in a hurricane, obviously not intentionally) by an email from Jeremy detailing the unfortunate demise of his collar bone the previous evening! Hope he gets well soon!

So I enjoyed a train to Deal and a cycle with the lovely Chris (another ex-courier like me) in a freak downpour to Fowlmead Country Park. It used to be a coal mine…Thatcher…..but now they have some killer road and cross races instead. Probably healthier.

It was a pretty tough race, but a well run event and there were even showers and tea!

John from London Cycle Sport was kind enough to lend me an Independent Fabrications for the race since my Van Dessel won’t be here till later in the week (but I am very very excited about that!!!!!) and it seemed to drag me into second place.

The best thing about cross has to be its’ similarity with bike polo…it’s all about staying on the bike and getting cut, bruised and dirty.

Loving it.

lx406 lx367

Bring on the National Trophy!

Of course the most important thing is a good day out!








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