Proud and smug…

by Jo

This Sunday I tagged along with some Dulwich riders heading off from Crystal Palace.  As those of you in the loop will know my plan was to ‘find some men and beat as many of them as possible up some hills’, – a well known training plan designed to sharpen the legs and boost the confidence.

It was during this ride that I engaged in the following conversation with said males:

Rider:  ”  Oh, so you are a club then”..

Me:  “No, team.  The guys who set up the cafe, and then 9 or 10 of us, mostly girls”

Rider:  “So whats your sporting background then?”

Me:  “Oh, I’ve always cycled on and off, since I was young”

Rider:  “Because I’ve seen the other girls and its almost like you’ve been hand-picked for your sporting background or something…ex Olympians and stuff”

Me:  (laughing) “No Olympic medals here I’m afraid” (bloody Elise)

Rider:  “So do you usually ride together then?”

Me:  “Yeh, sometimes, usually in 3’s and 4’s.  One of my team mates is at the Irish National track championships this weekend, ….she just became Irish Sprint champion actually” (How cool do I sound now)

Rider:  ..Oh right…”

Me:  ” And another team mate is riding the national time trial championship too” (Its just national championships after international stage race with us fella)

Rider:  “…Oh.  Cos Sam hasn’t been doing that much has he?, except for on a tandem with his girlfriend”

Me:  “Yeh, that will be Charlie.  She is quite a powerhouse.  Maybe thats why he’s turned to tandem” (Laughing MoreSorry Sam)

Rider:  “So you race then…?”

Me:  “..yeh.  3 or 4 of us are going over to Ireland next week to do the womens Tour of Ireland”

“Oh wow…how many days is that then..”

Me:  “5” (Eat that my friend.  Which hills are we going up?)

Rider:  “oh..right” 

 (a little later….)”Have you been down this road before?  Its quite a steep descent with a sharp bend so just watch the corner”

Me:  (Silence….)

Well done for being so impressive everyone and making me feel so proud and smug to be part of the Look Mum Team X


4 thoughts on “Proud and smug…

  1. Silence is no good Jo, surely your reply to the “sharp bend so watch the corner” comment was “You had better get on my back wheel and learn then” – Dad

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