LMNH at the Giro – Stage 1 (of 3)

Stage 1 – By Anna

The Prologue

Last weekend was the final race in the National Women’s Road Race Series; the Essex Giro 2 Day. Helen, Jo and Anna had a crack at the races’ three stages. The Essex Giro has long been a fixture in the women’s road calendar, thanks to orgnaniser Gino Howe. In the past two years its become a 2 day event with the assistance of East London Velo. Thanks to everyone in ELV who gave up their time to make the Giro and the men’s race happen.

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Day 1 opened with a 5.8km (3 lap) time trial at Hog Hill. I think we’re all agreed that we need to do some more work on getting this sort of short effort right. Every second really does count in this situation and I think we were each a little disappointed with our times. I’m not going to say how far I missed my target time by…! Nevertheless, we were still in the race and I now had a top 20 spot to hang on to!

Thanks to Dave Hayward for capturing our pain and joy over the weekend, for more photos from the Essex Giro visit http://www.davehaywardphotos.com/


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