A Thank you to London Dynamo and a Hat Trick for Team Mum

By Charlotte

We at Team Mum clearly have a soft-spot for getting up at 4am on a Sunday. In addition, a love of competeing in glorious Richmond Park and a sense of satisfaction created by drinking tea after pedalling our lights-out, have made us keen to participate in the London Dynamo TT series.

The series has been terrifically well organised by the ever-capable Rebecca Slack and new recruit, Martin Williamson.  The Dynamos are also to be commended for hauling themselves out of bed to support both their club’s initiative and the Time Trialling scene.  There is always a friendly atmosphere and a sense of cameraderie between the riders.  The weather has been pretty good too.  Hoorah!

Charlotte and Sam were allowed to compete on the tandem at this event, reflecting the fact that this series is as much about having fun and “having a go” as it is about serious testing.  The tandem generated quite a lot of excitement, especially since the pair set the fastest time of the day.

Up next was Lydia who set the fastest time for a lady on a road bike.  She also improved on her PB. This means that the “Women’s Road” category has been won by a LMNH rider at every event this summer.  We’re very proud!

Not content with riding the tandem, Charlotte had also entered as a solo rider in the TT bike category. Half an hour after crossing the line, she was back on a bike and ready to race.

The earlier effort served as a decent warm-up and she rode well enough to claim first place in her event.

Thanks again to London Dynamo and to David Rowe for his wonderful photographs.


1 Charlotte Easton/Sam Humpheson Look Mum No Hands RT! Tandem 0:24:51

Women Time Trial
109 Charlotte Easton Look Mum No Hands RT! Lady TT 0:26:59
38 Rachel Turner The Altitude Centre Lady TT 0:27:07
37 Sandra Blenkinsop Kingfisher Triathletes Lady TT 0:27:52
35 Kate Pickard London Dynamo Lady TT 0:30:01
20 Helen Peach Team Zappis Lady TT 0:30:28
5 Marsha El-Hage RG Active Race Team Lady TT 0:32:05
22 Anna Korbacz London Dynamo Lady TT 0:32:09
49 Christy McKee London Dynamo Lady TT 0:32:55

Women Road
32 Lydia Boylan Look Mum No Hands RT! Lady Road 0:29:04
36 Astrid Wingler London Phoenix Lady Road 0:29:23
31 Ruth Clifton London Dynamo Lady Road 0:30:10
30 Louise Fellingham London Dynamo Lady Road 0:30:53
28 Hilary Hillhouse Kingston Wheelers Lady Road 0:31:18
16 April Galda na Lady Road 0:31:31
27 Charlotte Roberge Dulwich Paragon Lady Road 0:31:39
25 Jessica Mitchell London Dynamo Lady Road 0:32:07
14 Hester Maddock na Lady Road 0:32:31
23 Antonia de Barton-Watson London Dynamo Lady Road 0:33:56
21 Emma McManus na Lady Road 0:35:53


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