Battle of Naseby?

By Anna.

Four of us rode the latest round of the Women’s Team Series on Sunday; the Duncan Murray Wines Road Race at Naseby, Northamptonshire. It was here in 1645 that the Parliamentarian New Model Army defeated the main army of King Charles I in the English Civil War. There were few skirmishes in this race, however. Louise gives a flavour of the day in her interview with John Miles. Whether it was the strong tailwind following the main hill on the course making it harder for the natural split that occurred on the hill to become permanent, or some form of mid-season race fatigue, there was little appetite for attacking in the race and everyone seemed resigned to a sprint finish.

Characteristically, Lou was not content with this state of affairs and spent a good amount of time up the road solo (several times!), but was ultimately bought back. Having done all that work, it was up to Anna and Lydia to have a crack at the finish.


Anna went early hoping to gap the bunch and hang on and managed to come 8th as the faster riders who reacted shot past. Lydia won the sprint from the bunch for 9th.

Helen rode strongly, but the early morning start for her win in the Richmond Park TT (road category – see earlier post!) took its toll and she decided to call it a day.

Photos thanks to Adam of High Wycombe CC.


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