Rollapaluza UHC: Another 1,2 for LMNH

Firstly, a massive thank you and congratulations to Rollapaluza for running another superb event. Whether it’s roller racing, track racing or hill climbs, they are 2nd to none.

Louise and Lydia take home some awesome prizes. Photo from Chris Keller-Jackson (

Last Thursday Lydia and Louise braved the horrible weather and ventured into North London for the 2nd ever Rollapaluza Urban Hill Climb. Who knew 900m could be so hard? Louise set a new hill record by 13 seconds!!! And Lydia beat her time from last year by almost 90 seconds! So absolutely amazing results for Team Mum.


1. Louise Moriarty 1.54.87
2. Lydia Boylan 2.01.00
3. Kirsten Halliday 2.08.17
4. Claire Beaumont 2.12.66
5. Astrid Wingler 2.13.02

Louise opts for an out of the saddle approach... (Photo from Chris Keller-Jackson

...while Lydia stays seated! (Photo from Chris Keller-Jackson

Full results and more pictures on

Comments from Louise:

Mmm… interesting photo – I look like I might die right there. Lyds, did you choose these two photos to make yourself look way cooler than me?!! Very impressive performance from Little Miss Only-A-Very-Slight-Grimace too, almost halving her time from last year!

The Urban Hill Climb was my first ever British Hill Climb. When I saw it raining outside that evening and heard about the prize list I thought, fan-tas-tic! noone else is gonna turn up! Clearly I underestimated how hard those Rollapaluza girls are, they did Swains Hill on fixed gear bikes. Respect. Rollapaluza put on an amazing show – closed roads, electronic timing and a fantastic head-to-head race-off for the top four places in the senior men, the atmosphere was incredible. We don’t really have hill climbs in Ireland, and I never realised that it would be so much fun! Apparently there are more in October, can’t wait!

(Photos from Chris Keller-Jackson


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