Richmond Park TT.2

Posted by Charlotte

Having watched Cadel Evans TT his way to victory in the Tour de France, Helen and Charlotte arrived at the park early yesterday morning with the motivation to ride like someone who needed to win.

Helen was first to start, riding in the women’s road bike category.  The cool conditions and wind on some parts of the 10.4 mile course and made Helen think she was far from her best ever performance.  Refusing to let this deter her, she rode on to win her competition.

For this race, Charlotte was riding her TT bike and therefore in a different category from her team mate.

Charlotte rode to take top spot and fastest time overall.

Both girls would like to thank Rebecca Slack and London Dynamo for a brilliantly organised race and David Rowe and Ella Keen for the beautiful pictures.


1 Charlotte Easton Look Mum No Hands RT! Lady TT 0:27:13
2 Rachel Turner The Altitude Centre Lady TT 0:27:25
3 Sandra Blenkinsop Kingfisher Triathletes Lady TT 0: 28:01
4 Helen McKay Look Mum No Hands RT! Lady Road0:29:02
5 Louisa Bowman Na Lady TT 0:29:38
6 Nicole Oh Pearson Cycle Club Lady TT 0:30:19
7 Kate Pickard London Dynamo Lady TT 0:30:21
8 Christine Bertram na Lady TT0:30:30
9 Dyanne Holland Inverse/Cyclaim Lady Road0:30:52
10 Lisa Gunn Kingston Wheelers Lady Road 0:31:13
11 Charmaine Brown Pearson Cycle Club Lady Road0:31:35
12 Magda Garbacz naLady Road 0:31:41
13 Naomi Dandridge Lewes Wanderers Lady Road 0:32:46
14 Christy McKee na Lady TT 0:33:11
15 Christine Glew Kingfisher Triathletes Lady TT 0:34:24
16 Antonia de Barton-Watson London Dynamo Lady Road 0:34:28
17 Emma McManus na Lady Road 0:36:20
18 Charlotte Acton na Lady Road 0:38:57


One thought on “Richmond Park TT.2

  1. Great riding at the TT (once again). I’m looking forward to cheering you on again next weekend…. and what’s this I hear about a tandem entry! Cool.

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