Mean machine..

Jo's new Killer Kinesis KR510

Posted by Jo McRae

I’m so excited about this that I can’t help but share my spangly new mean machine with you. Alas, the Magnum Force is no more. The £250 taiwanese wonder developed a crack at the head tube/top tube junction, and I had to let it go. With 5 years of solid service behind her it was time to look for a replacement, before I was face planted onto the tarmac.

Looking around at the options I came across the Kinesis Racelight KR510. I wanted to upgrade somewhat (not all that difficult to be honest) and was drawn to this frame by the phrase on the Kinesis website “ ideal basis for a super fast crit or club racer..” I like to think thats me. A closer look at the geometry confirmed that this would do me justice cornering and descending at speed, two of my favourite things to do on a bike.

Sam at Look Mum made a few calls and Tom at Upgrade gave me a great price on the frame. Retailing at £649.99, I think it is great value for a modern aluminium racing frame, with aerodynamic tubing, carbon forks and rear stay.

Thanks go to Nik and Sam who built it up for me last week in the midst of tour fever. I have spent the weekend finishing it off and admiring it in the Sunshine. It looks so good and is such a perfect fit that it seems like a complete new bike. And more importantly, the colour co-ordination with the silver helmet and white and silver shoes from Madison is impeccable.

First impressions on the ride are that it fulfills all my expectations. This feels like a proper race bike, not just a road bike. It is light and responsive and corners beautifully. I look forward to giving it a proper run out at at Crystal Palace…


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