Team Mum Rider Biography: Louise Moriarty

By Helen McKay

Louise has helped to both inspire and motivate her Team Mum teamies.  She has her own wikipedia page but you can read her biography here.

Louise can be seen in the middle of this photograph, with a Podium Lady and Helen on her right and Jo and Lyds on her left.

It is common knowledge that the Scale of Awesomeness was devised to describe the riding skills of Look Mum No Hands’ riders and right up there we find Louise Moriarty.

Louise has a cycling CV that is inspirational and a down-to-earth approach to riding that is motivational. We are extremely lucky to have her on our team, and are grateful to Lydia for kidnapping her on what would otherwise have been an ordinary stop at a local bike shop.

Apart from being a great rider, Louise has a sharp nose for burger joints, pancake houses, and ice cream parlours which is a skill that we all appreciate.

You can see some of Louise’s racing achievements and two different birthdays listed on her Wiki page here, but let’s find out a little bit more about the girl under the cycle helmet:

So Louise, what’s a nice girl like you, doing in a place like this?

I moved across to London from Dublin in September 2010 to be with my boyfriend, Francis. I’m studying here – now in my final year of Architecture studies; can’t wait to finish and finally earn some money! In the meantime, this team has helped me so much to settle in London, huge thanks to LMNH, Sam, Charlie, Lyds, Pan, Jo, Elise, Hels, Anna and Nik!

You are very much at one with your bike, when did you first put foot to pedal?

I started cycling in 2001 while injured from athletics. My first race was a 3-day men’s stage race – slightly ambitious?! They dropped me after 5km. I decided I was never going to get left behind like that again…

Aside from joining LMNH, what have been some of the best moments of your cycling career for you?

My best year of racing was 2007. I was with a UCI squad, Global Racing, in Belgium. We had a fantastic team ride at the Tour de Bretagne, ending with stage placings, plus 5th (Helen Wyman) and 7th (me) overall and the mountains jersey (Helen). That year I also won GP Tielt Winge in Belgium, the Irish National TT championships, Revolution Melbourne points race on the track and a UCI points race in Tasmania.

What is your can’t-live-without bit of kit, and why?

I think everyone on the team will concur with this opinion on me … you’re not fully dressed for a bike ride without … yes, enough little packages of fig rolls, cake and emergency jellies to get you through 4, 5, 6 hours … if you keep eating, you can go forever!

REM astutely sang ‘everybody hurts sometimes’ – what motivates you to train?

The past few years I haven’t had time to train, but since joining LMNH I mysteriously find time – the girls are so much fun. I’m really enjoying riding my bike, and that’s what motivates me. Going fast, having fun, dodging articulated lorries with Jo…

You have raced with and against some of the best names in women’s cycling, you have seen champion quality up close, is there more to it than baby-oiled legs and tan lines?

The key really is in the tan! Think about how they get those tan lines…hours and hours on the bike – winning is down to hard training, and rest. Luck and talent help a lot, and belief is crucial, but like in anything, success comes down to hard work.

Your Dad organises and sponsors the highly acclaimed Rás na mBan stage race in Ireland. Does it get confusing having a Louis and a Louise in the same family?

Sometimes… I’m not on facebook, but my Dad is, so he’s gotten some interesting messages and invitations! Speaking of Dad, I hope you’ll all be coming to the Rás, or to his hotel  for some quality hill training!

Finally, if you could have a cycling super power, what would it be?

Must. Learn. To. Do. The Superman. 


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