National 25TT

By Charlotte

Devon is incredibly beautiful but not know for being flat.  The course of the RTTC National 25 TT 2011 was described as “sporting” and duly terrified some of my fellow competitors.  Driving the course the night before gave me a good insight into what to expect and in truth, I was looking forward to the race.

I took advantage of the starting ramp in Holdsworthy and very much kept my powder dry on the first few miles of the hilly course.  The outward leg was hard going, but as I approached the turn (13 miles down), I began to find my stride.

I am over the moon with my 9th place.  It entirely made up for the hour I spent in the company of Doping Control after the event!  Many thanks to the organisers for a great day.


3 thoughts on “National 25TT

  1. Sh1t hot result! And Jane 3rd. Takes me back to our team time trial all those years ago. No wonder I nearly died that day! Super, super ride, Charlie.

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