South East Road Race Championship

With Charlie having multiple podium finishes in this event in the past and it also being a London League event the team had a lot to race for. Helen, Pan and Lydia raced with Lydia in contention to be the League leader with the right result.

With all of us not really knowing what to expect of the course, or indeed the other riders we quickly took control of the front keeping the pace high for most of the 43 mile race. The 10 mile course was very flat with one short climb  just before the finish line, so it was inevitable that it would come down to a bunch finish.

Pan did an awesome lead out, making sure no one could attack. Lydia jumped on the climb to get a gap on the bunch, but maybe jumped a little too early as Karla of High Wycombe came past with phenomenal pace to get 1st place.

We only found out back at HQ that Karla was not part of the South East Region, which meant Lydia had won the South East Champion jersey! And she may have grabbed the League Leader jersey too!


7 thoughts on “South East Road Race Championship

  1. I don’t think I’ve won this title! I’ve got two or three 2nd / 3rd places but never won. Fantastic work Lyds and Ladies. Really brilliant. Hooray for the Honey Badger! (I still don’t understand) xxx

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