Happy Birthday Pink – meet the bike

Last weekend (7/8th May) was a special weekend for my racing bike Martini (show name Pink Martini – think Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blond) as we celebrated her first birthday and I looked back on a year of races, time trials, crashes, training rides and lots of fun.

She has always fitted so well and been as light as a feather, but as stiff as a board. I love this bike.

If Reese was a bike...

She is one of Chris Boardman’s team carbon bikes. I have heard that Chris sprinkles magic Olympic dust on all the bikes he makes. This is one of the many things that make her special.

To celebrate her birthday I got her, what any Legally Blond fashionista would want, a pair of beautiful, red, Italian shoes. For Martini this is a pair of Miche carbon wheels as recommended by Dave. Crikey, aren’t they lovely? They make such a beautiful sound that I would like all the traffic in London to stop and take a listen.

Martini celebrates her birthday with friends, cracking open a tool box and several bottles of oil.

New shoes/wheels were tried out for the first time at the first ever women’s 6-up team time trial event in the UK. Thanks to Gino Howe for organising it. Let this be the first of many!

Want to find out how we got on? Follow me!


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