1 year on spot the difference

I’d like to dedicate this blog to my tall Canadian friend, Kelvin, without whom I’d have never cycled outdoors, or got a road bike, or sorted out my attire. Thanks Kelvin.

I’d like to link this to Jo’s post about heroines – can you get anti-heroines?

The following images may offend.

If your eyes are not smarting and you are not screaming in pain, feel free to play spot the difference.

(Before you ask, yes that is a handbag and yes I did use it as a saddlebag for about a year. I had my shame glands removed as a kid.)

25 April 2010. Photo from http://www.southernsportive.com

9 April 2011 (almost 1 year on). Photo courtesy of http://www.londoncyclesport.com


3 thoughts on “1 year on spot the difference

  1. you are my heroine helen! oh! and if you attach a klick fix bracket to the back of the handbag it would make a sweet bar bag!

  2. you should have stayed in the spin studio dude, the real world is a harsh place… especially for those who are going to be hanging onto your wheel soon.

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