Call to arms (No Hands)

Bona-fide super heroine

Is this really what we are aspiring to?

 As our summer season gets underway, the LMNH team are drawing inspiration and motivation from each other and wherever else we can.  Lydia’s recent track results and impressive win at Hillingdon have inspired us all to greater things.  Well done Lydia.

But her ‘Look Mum, both hands firmly on the bars’ victory has raised an important issue. 

Can we all do the double armed salute?

Having been admired for my ‘Look mum no feet’ Superman manoeuvre, I can claim to have my own super-power, but come on girls, we need to do better.  I, for one, would like to remove Jo from the top of the blog and replace him with a flying female (nothing personal Jo).

Female role models seem hard to come by and in our search of leadership we have looked to Rocky, and the bad ass honey badger, but have not yet found a real life woman who fits the bill.  Wonder woman is the only super heroine I can think of and her super-powers seem only to stretch to running in high heels whist wearing a conical Madonna-esque bodice.  Even her skills with a lassoe seem limited.  Any self-respecting life-guard would do a better job for the minimum wage.

So it seems it’s up to us to turn this trend around.  Lydia and Pan have both won races already this season, but I am disappointed by the lack of show-boating.  It’s time to practice a super-heroine, arms aloft salute.  Your team, and your country needs you.


4 thoughts on “Call to arms (No Hands)

  1. Hi Mary (and Jo), I’m afraid that when I won a race I was far too concerned about crossing the line to worry about what my arms were doing. I do pratice cycling “no hands”, mainly on my way home from work and on my knackered single speed.

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