National Series RR: Round 1

By Charlotte Easton

Here’s the start list for this weekend’s Cheshire Classic.  We’re so proud of our girls and wish them the very best of luck!

Start List
1 Sarah Storey Horizon Fitness Prendas Elite
2 Hannah Rich ditto 1st
3 Penny Rowson ditto 2nd
4 Corrine Hall Team Corridori/Specialized 1st
5 Marianne Britten VC St Raphael/Waite Contracts/Hewitt Cycles Elite
6 Hannah Layland ditto Jun/2
7 Sarah Byrne ditto 2nd
8 Rachel Przybyliski Rapha Condor 2nd
9 Sarah King Motorpoint Jun/2
10 Hannah Walker ditto 2nd
11 Hannah Barnes ditto Jnr/1
12 Lucy Garner ditto Jun/2
13 Hannah Shenton ditto Jun/2
14 Iona Sewell Squadra Donne/Bike Food/Shutt Velo Rapide 2nd
15 Gail Aspden ditto 2nd
16 Tamina Oliver ditto 2nd
17 Hannah Manley For Viored Jnr/2
18 Kara Chesworth ditto 1st
19 Emma Grant ditto 2nd
20 Rebecca Curley ditto 2nd
21 Charlotte Colclough ditto 2nd
22 Lowri Bunn Abergavenny RC/Gateway Cycles/ 2nd
23 Lauren Creamer Nick Lane Construction/ 2nd
24 Fern Cotterill Govilon Garage 4th
25 Sarah Kennedy ditto 4th
26 Hannah Mayho 100% Me 2nd
27 Sorrelle Le Cornu Primal Europe Rutraingtoday/Bikechainricci 3rd
28 Heather Booth ditto 3rd
29 Ann Bowditch 3rd
30 Louise Murray ditto 3rd
31 Eve Dixon Maxgear RT Jnr
32 Anne Ewing The Bicycleworks/Bristo Yoga School 2nd
33 Lynn Hamel Herbalife/Wheelbase 2nd
34 Helen McKay Look Mum No Hands café 2nd
35 Elise Sherwell ditto 2nd
36 Xieyue (Pan Pan) Fan ditto 3rd
37 Anna Grundy ditto 1st
38 Laura Murray Velocity 44 Stirling 2nd
39 Jane Barr ditto 2nd
40 Kate Evans Wolverhampton Wheelers 3rd
41 Hayley Edwards Halesowen A&CC 3rd
42 Molly Weaver ditto Jun/4
43 Sharon Underhill ditto 4th
44 Claire Macaulay Sandy Wallace Cycles 3rd
45 Anna-Jay Burgess ditto 2nd
46 Ishbel Taromsari Sandy Wallace Cycles 4th
47 Gemma Neil ditto 3rd
48 Gabriella Nordin ditto 4th
49 Ceri Dipple Twenty3c/Oreba/Mercedes Vito Sport 3rd
50 Dyanne Holland Inverse Cyclaim RT/Bikefood/Continental 3rd
51 Joanna Le Cocq ditto 3rd
52 Katie Noakes ditto Jun/3
53 Kimberley Ashton ditto 2nd
54 Louise Mahe Sutton CC/De Ver Cycles 3rd
55 Rebecca Romero XRT-Elmy Cycles/Orbea 3rd
56 Liz Chellingsworth Deeside Thistle CC 3rd
57 Natalie Creswick Unattached 1st
58 Gabriella Shaw For Viored 3rd
59 Natasha Perry ditto 3rd
60 Alli Holland ditto 1st

61 Eleanor Jones VC St Raphael/Waite Contracts/Hewitt Cycles 4th
62 Louise Clowes Inverse Cyclaim RT/Bikefood/Continental 4th
63 Nicola Soden Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles 4th
64 Samantha Buckingham Wakefield CC 4th
65 Karen Popplewell Seamons CC 4th
66 Abi Fletcher Unattached 4th
67 Eilidh Wells Unattached 4th
68 Siobhan McNamara Cambridge Cycling Club 4th
69 Vicky Ware Squadra Donne/Bike Food/Shutt Velo Rapide


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