Every bike tells a story … part deux

By Charlotte Easton

The Boxer

I’ve talked about my Boxer before, but am inspired to say more by Jo’s hilarious blog about her Magnum.

The Boxer isn’t my current race machine but aside from Sophie-the-single-speed:

she is the bike I spend the most time on. (Yes, sorry Jo, “She” … anthropomorphism runs wild in Team Mum).

Jules and Phil at Cyclefitgave me the frameset in the summer of 2008, when I was still riding for London Dynamo.  As the club sponsor they were incredibly pleased for me when I achieved my first cat racing licence. I’d looked around for a decent training bike and the Boxer caught my eye.  I like the neatness of it.  Even the name is “no nonsense”. It has been built up with Shimano’s Ultegra groupset, which it still sports today.

Three winter seasons later the poor thing is pretty knackered but she’s been ridden and raced over more kilometres than I care to think. I’ve taken her to race in Belgium on three occasions and she’s done all the local mid-week crits. I’ve ridden through two pairs of wheels on her, two bottom brackets (turbos!) and am long overdue a third. Sam tells me the brakes need replacing and I’m sure that the mechs probably need some tlc.  A true workhorse, it is hardly surprising that I have such affection for my Boxer.


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