Quick Weekend Quiz..

O.K. Girls these are for us really, but to go with the lovely pics, can you match the riders from the quotes below from last weekend: 

Lesley: “You will have to buy a day licence”, Rider a:  “No I wont”

Rider b:  “So what do we do now?” (when in winning break)

Spectator: “So do you go and have a debrief now?” Rider c:  “I don’t know about that, but I think we’ll have a cup of tea”

Rider d:  “I would have gone up that hill quicker with lighter wheels”, Rider a: “Oh shut up about your wheels”

Rider a:  “Do you need anything particular for breakfast?” Rider e:  “Have you got coffee? I need LOTS of coffee”

Rider a “Sorry, I’m struggling a bit”, Rider f:  “Don’t worry, Just give me a couple of minutes, thats all I need”….a few miles later…”Just 1 minute, thats all I need”…..a few miles later…”don’t worry”.

Rider g:  “We’re renting, Its really cheap, £50 a week”, Rider h:  “Would it help if I told you I spend £50 a week on coffee?”

and my favourite…

Rider g:  “I’m reading a book called Cunt”.

Say no more.


2 thoughts on “Quick Weekend Quiz..

  1. Oh Oh Oh how do we give our answers and what are the prizes? Made my Friday this did! Thanks mystery quiz master. Are you rider a?

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