Give ’em Hel!

By Charlotte

Helen wins at Hog Hill!

Helen solo-ed to victory at today’s March Hare race, held by ELV at Hog Hill.

Too much pain for no hands!

Anna, Jo, Lydia, Helen and Charlotte all raced and made it a Team Mum 1-2-3 on the podium. Here are some pictures from today.



Discussing tactics or biscuits?

Technology was telling Lydia and me that we were having heart attacks, and warning Jo not to leave her house. Hadn't even started and we needed hospitalisation. Great!

Chain off! Luckily Sam was there so the chain was soon sorted. For his help I thanked Glaswegian-style - head butting him with my bike helmet - sorry!


Faffing. An essential part of racing.

I love this picture - all smiles and laughter. Thanks lovely team!


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