Talk of tests

You might enjoy this clip. Here I share with you my recent dreaded ‘king cycle test’. I have done this one way or another a fair few times over the years. It is the classic cycle specific ‘ramp test’ used to identify Vo2max, training zones, and your exercise physiology. My first experience with it was when I was a young junior rider at 17. Memorable too was the time as a Sports Science student that I did something similar with a rectal thermometer up my arse whilst wearing a plastic jump suit.

Over the last five years I have intermittently been tested by Dr. Garry Palmer, exercise physiologist at Sportstest. I get on well with Garry (until he starts to do this to me) and he shares with me his valuable insights like – ‘Yep -you’re going like a bag of spanners’. On this clip, the Doc puts me through my paces to see how many spanners I have in my bag at the moment.
There is something quite fascinating about what your face does when you are suffering. It’s not pretty, but hopefully, is purposeful.


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