Team Effort

Pan Pan, Anna, Lydia and Charlotte raced in the final event of Imperial RT’s Hillingdon Ladies’ Winter Series. We rode with the single aim of ensuring Charlotte kept the top spot to finish as the Series Winner.

We thought the best way to do this would be to launch a few of our own attacks, cover any other moves that went and protect Charlotte as much as possible.

Lydia sacrificed herself with an enormous attack, with Pan and Anna following these up with a series of punchy injections of pace and attacks which drew a couple of riders away from the bunch for lap or two.

Pan then took on most of the work marshalling any attacks from the main group,whilst Charlotte made her own attempts to break away.

The bunch weren’t keen to let her go, so it was down to a sprint finish. The race was cut slightly short, and with the bell following the 5 lap board we didn’t manage to organise a lead out in the way we might have hoped!

Luckily, Charlie found an appropriate wheel and blasted her way to win the race, and the series!

A good day out and a really fun race to ride!

Here are some photographs to give you an idea of what went on:


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