Team Mum Rider Biography: Elise Sherwell

By Anna Grundy

Elise is an incredibly accomplished athlete. Her career in rowing culminated in Bronze medals in the women’s double scull at both Athens and Beijing. Having hung up her oars (or should that be hatchets? Definitely don’t quote me on that!), Elise decided to race her bike and she’s become pretty formidable as a cyclist too. With some really excellent results on the road and in time trialling, Elise is a very consistent competitor. Last season she was runner-up in the London Women’s Cycle Racing league. She’s already given Team Mum a win in 2011! Elise is tough and we know she can achieve whatever she puts her mind to.

Elise tells us a little bit about her profile as a bike racer and her plans for 2011: 

How did you get into bike racing? I retired from rowing and decided that I had far too much competitive energy still in me. I was encouraged to do a few races by a rowing friend and loved it.

What are your aims for the 2011 season?  I want to do some of the national series races and some crit races. The main aim is to be quicker but more tactically switched on.  

What is your favourite racing discipline or type of course?  Crit races and road races. I love seeing someone suffer and turning the screw on them, but then I hate it when I am suffering and someone springs away from you!  

What are your strengths as a rider?  I guess power. I am not a smart racer, I just work hard. 

What do you love most about riding a bike?   The friendships, the racing and Sunday afternoons on the sofa after you have done a long ride so you don’t feel guilty about eating cake and reading the paper.


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