A Happy New Year

By Charlotte Easton & Helen McKay

As the new year began, four riders from Team Mum braved the cold to race at the Herne Hill Mudison. Nik partnered Jo McRae and the girls were the fastest women’s team of the day.

Harps partnered Lewin in the latter’s first ever cross race and the boys rode their way to a very respectable result.

Over on the other side of town, Charlotte, Lydia and Helen had a great day at Imperial Racing Team’s Winter Series. We’re very grateful that Lucy and co. have taken the step to host some women’s races and want to support these events.

Helen says,

“Despite New Year’s merriment, a dozen women lined up at the start expectantly, everyone delighted to be off rollers at last. This was our first race as a team and we were nervous. With lots of strong riders and excellent sprinters in the field, there were plenty of girls to keep an eye on.

About two laps in, taking turn up front, Charlie seemed to effortlessly glide off the front of the pack, and Lydia and I were not about to raise the alarm bells. Making best use of her time-trialling abilities she got an unchaseable lead and kept on going to claim a hard-earned victory, even lapping the main women’s peloton!

Lydia and I hung in until the end, ensuring that no breaks got away. With speeds in excess of 28mph and an average speed of over 20mph it was a fast race.

The finish was always going to be a sprint for the places. Despite there being some top class sprinters, Lydia who had not been shy of working at the head of the peloton, contested the tight sprint finish and stormed across the line to take a fantastic 5th.

I scooped up 9th with a great view of the furious finale.

So that was one clear win and points for Look Mum No Hands, and it wasn’t even past lunchtime! OK we haven’t won the Tour de France, but we dun good in a good race.

Sadly, the new kit didn’t fare so well and was distinctly less sparkly thanks to the drizzle and resulting dirty spray from the track.”

Sam and Jo Skelton rode the men’s E/1/2 . Despite the dreadful weather, the boys raced well and Jo took 10th place.

From the sidelines Helen observed,

“A late breakaway had an uncertain couple of laps before it made itself a clearly serious move, and a brave trio bridged the gap.

Each lap the positions of the riders in the lead group and in the peloton changed. The pace never let up and whisked itself into a frenzied last lap, with the nine ahead just out of reach of the peloton.

Finally they appeared over the hill charging towards the finish line, the sprint just taken by Lewis Atkins over Jake Martin, with the rest of the breakaway whizzing over the line behind them. Then our hero Jo appeared, leading the peloton and powering through to take 10th place. Sam, our winner from Hog Hill, rolled over the line behind.”

Well done, Team Mum!

Link to Imperial Racing Report


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