Rider Bio: Jo Skelton

Jo Skelton

Questions by Charlie Easton

You are one of Sam’s oldest friends. How did you both get into cycling?
We got into cycling through my dad who is a keen cyclist. We used to race on the old Hayes Bypass circuit, and did a lot of mountain biking. One day I had a rest period after racing. This lasted about 12 years!

Why have you decided to ride for Team Mum?
I was offered several contracts with pro teams! The perks of excellent homemade pies and house slag beer at Look Mum No Hands made them the number one choice. In fact, I hear Jan Ulrich is coming out of retirement to ride for Team Mum next season!

You came second in the Hillingdon Winter Series last season and won the first race of this year’s series. Why do you enjoy that circuit so much?
I’m a west London boy from Ealing, just 10 minutes ride away from the circuit. Hillingdon suits me as there are no hills and races often finish in a sprint. I like to think of myself as the Hanwell Mark Cavendish! I can also combine racing with visiting my parents for lunch.

What are your cycling goals for 2011?
Short term I want to win the Imperial Winter Series. The recent weather and festive activities have reduced my training significantly! I might take a break after the winter series as last year I carried on racing until May and then ran out of motivation and energy. I think I need to focus on enjoying riding my bike. I need cycling goals to motivate me to train but at the end of the day it should be fun.

What would be your dream bike?
I can’t really complain about my current bike a Specialized SL3. If it’s good enough to win the tour de France it’s good enough for Hillingdon! Something light and very stiff is what I want for sprinting. As a classic book I had as a child called The Great Boffo said ‘It’s the man, not the machine’.
When I was young in the 90’s I used to fantasize about old school mountain bikes like the Klien Attitude. I’m a bit out of touch with mountain biking tech these days. Sam at LMNH is one of the best bicycle mechanics in London, and keeps my bikes in tip top condition.


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