Rider Bio: Helen McKay

by Nicola Hamilton

Helen McKay began racing in 2010 on instructions from a tall Canadian
man in lycra who apparently knew what he was talking
about. From spinning class to time-trialing, Helen gives her all and
on team rides her great sense of humour and motivation
are indispensable.

When asked what her highlights of her first year of racing were she

“Everything has happened for me in 2010: it has been a total transformation.

I joined London Phoenix in March, climbed Ditchling Beacon with my gears so jammed up with gunk that I didn’t have a small chain ring, got drenched in my first sportive in April, rode to Cambridge and back passing jelly babies in a chaingang.

Bought a road bike in May and started racing, swapped the £4 handbag from Peacocks for a real saddlebag, with some patient coaching mastered drinking whilst moving.

Rode to Colchester and raced at Hog Hill on the way, somersaulted over a car door and acquired some significant bruising, retired £15 blue helmet from Decathlon and got a proper cyclist’s helmet from Giro.

Discovered time trialling, got clippy pedals covered with magic dust from the previous owner. Did a 3-lap challenge in Richmond Park and won a mini cheese grater, came 3rd in the Richmond Park TT and did a dance, did the Essex 2-day Giro and had tears of joy in my eyes in the road race.

Took my bike on holiday, got stuck up a mountain, got asked if I’d like to race in a ladies team based on my Richmond Park dance moves, and got awarded “Best New Rider” at the London Women’s Cycling League prize evening.

It has been quite a year and am looking forward to having my ass beaten next year by all the awesome lady riders out there. I love it!”

Helen has shown a depth of dedication to her new-found obsession that we hope will see her through her second year of cycle racing to gain her just deserts….and we don’t mean cake.


6 thoughts on “Rider Bio: Helen McKay

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  5. Hi Helen
    Well done in the Ras
    Feel free to use any of the Photos on here, I’m not worried about copyright etc, you or any of the LMNH Girls can use them If you like, The one of you is fabulous I love it, so use whenever / whereever etc, Best Wishes John,

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