Team Mum Rider Biography: Anna Grundy

Anna Grundy

(By Jo McRae)

Keen and highly organised, Anna has landed in the world of bikeracing having remembered the fun of two wheels whilst commuting.   She’s on temporary loan from ELV, and we are incredibly grateful to them!  This year she has got herself a coach and is planning great things for all of us.  Her list of possible challenges and targets at early team meetings put us all to shame and has spurred us on to get our collective act together. 

 Anna is looking forward to improving her performance on the road and in time trials in particular this year, as well as supporting and enjoying the team experience in general.  With the right build for hillier, more challenging terrain, Anna may be our mountain goat.  Watch this space…


4 thoughts on “Team Mum Rider Biography: Anna Grundy

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