Team Mum Rider Biography: Pan Pan Fan

Pan Pan Fan

(By Charlie Easton)

Here’s Pan Pan’s personal travel blog for adventures this upcoming year when she’s not with Team Mum:

We’ve decided not to write our own biographies.  Too excruciating by half! We are interviewing each other and finding out more about the team in the process.

Ebullient, intelligent and charming, Pan Pan has very quickly become a much loved member of Team Mum.  Her cheerfulness is matched by her enthusiasm for riding her bike.  She was also responsible for organising the first team social.  Good skills, Pan!

Originally from Connecticut, Pan is in London reading economics for a MSc. at LSE.  When at home she rides for a New York team called Houlihan-Lokey/Sanchez (an investment bank and software company).

Here’s her Rider Biography!
How Pan Pan came to be a bike racer:

I really love being outdoors and endurance sports because they provided a great escape for me when I was younger.

I decided I wanted to do an Ironman when I was in my last year in college and didn’t know how to ride a bike!  I figured it was about time to learn and one year later, I was at Ironman Wisconsin, terrified out of my mind.

While I was riding with the Yale Cycling team, I was forced to choose between either (1) spending time with my friends at cycling races (and being coerced to race) or (2) riding alone on weekends.  I chose the former.  After one race, the addiction caught.

Pan Pan’s happiest moments on a bike:
Riding with really good company on new roads.  My favourite memories are of riding with friends and not knowing the road, how long the ride is, where we’ve gone, and how long we have left.  I love the feeling of nearing the end of a ride and realizing I am sad that it is almost over. So the last few months with Look Mum have really offered some of the best moments on the bike for me: meeting Anna and the ELV team at 9am (and getting lost in East London), seeing the castle at Windsor, our rainy rides, climbing the hills with Jo, and of course, getting coffee and cake.

What motivates Pan Pan to ride:
In the summer, it doesn’t take much to motivate me.  I can ride until I collapse.  In the winter: consuming a dozen Christmas cookies, chemical hand and feet warmers, an impending race season jam-packed with long, hilly road races, and strong teammates who I want to be able to help and make proud during the season.

The achievement in racing Pan is most proud of:
Doing the first one : )

Pan’s Favourite book:
This will take a 3+ hour bike ride to explain.  However, I will list a few: Dickens, T.S. Eliot, Nabokov, David Foster Wallace, David Griffth’s work on physics, Miranda July, Dostoyevsky, Joyce, Slaughter-house Five.  I am also highly suspicious of (1) anyone who does NOT like Harry Potter and (2) anyone who likes Ayn Rand.

How Pan Pan switches off from the world:
Ironically, riding my bike.

Sorry if these are rubbish questions!

No, they were wonderful.  Inspired me to ride my bike, actually.  I’ve been slacking!


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